C&W Porto AlegreSince September of 2013, Cushman & Wakefield manages a planned district of 22,000 square meter area and five condominiums in the municipality of Porto Alegre, covering nearly 1,100 families. Located next to Jardim Botânico, the Condominium Residencial Central Parque presents a major distinction: every dweller pays a monthly amount intended for the Neighborhood Association.

This amount is invested in cleaning and maintenance services for streets, landscaping and 24/7 security system using their own vehicles, providing a top quality system. Moreover, a part of this amount is invested in the Gol de Placa program. “The initiative aims to maintain the project proposed by the university PUC, of Rio Grande do Sul and by the company Incorporadora Rossi, partnered with the project Movimento por uma Infância Melhor (Action for a Better Childhood) – MIM and the town hall, among other partners”, explains Gabriel Zanoni, operation leader at C&W, in charge of the management of the Association, and goes on: “It is all about approaching adjacent communities and the district, which suffers poverty and poor infrastructure.”

Hired by the Association, the Physical Education teacher André Grillo runs the school of the Bom Jesus Community. Children are allowed to attend upon a condition: to be enrolled at the local school near the community. So, morning period students are given gymnastics, judo, soccer, long jump and roller-skating lessons by afternoon — and vice-versa. Not to mention the balanced feeding, the library facilities and the PC lab, all resulting from donations and always available for the kids.

Teacher André submits monthly reports to C&W on management of the project. And new ideas are constantly arising. The Gol de Placa program intends to enroll 100 children at regular school and to provide professional courses for youths. “A bakery course for older students was opened this month. Just keeping them away from the streets and the drugs and learning new skills is something that makes us happy and eager to do more and more”, concludes Gabriel Zanoni.