Cushman & Wakefield received the best project in the Social Responsibility category award by Abrafac – Brazilian Facilities Association. The selected work was for Sustaina800x800ble and Inclusive Solid Waste Management at the e-business Park, a corporate complex located in the district of Lapa, São Paulo, with total area measuring 160,000 m² and a steady flow of 12,000 people. In September 2013, the company established solid waste collection at the site, in partnership with the YouGreen Cooperative. “Since the project was put into practice, roughly 130 tons of recyclable waste have been collected,” says Diego Covo, responsible for the Corporate Sustainability department. Dozens of bins were placed at strategic points around the complex. Initiatives were also developed for communication and raising awareness among users.

“The aim is to fulfill the sustainability triad, which considers environmental, social and economic benefits. For the environmental aspect, we stop discarding tons of material into nature; from the social standpoint, we are able to generate jobs, income and inclusion; and from an economic view, we enable savings of roughly 30% in landfill costs”, states Covo. He says that the success achieved in the e-business Park encouraged the company to establish similar measures at another enterprise, the Edifício Parque Cultural Paulista, located on one of the main thoroughfares of São Paulo.

Example of ECO – Equivalents

50 tons of recyclable waste recovered

Environmental savings (approximate)

Quantity Unit Resource
1,849,000 Hours Light bulbs (100W) not turned on
742 Units Trees not felled
67 Units Cars out of circulation
13,000 Units Five-minute showers avoided
169 Tons CO2 not emitted

Source: YouGreen Cooperative