The Faria Lima region continues at the top of the ranking of most expensive location in São Paulo for Class A corporate office rentals during the third quarter. The usable square meter per month was quoted at R$ 160, which is 40.8% higher than the city’s average of R$ 114. Second place went to Vila Olímpia, with an asking price of R$ 125 per square meter.20160112_blog_V2

“There was a 1.9% rise in asking prices on Faria Lima Avenue compared to the second quarter,” says Gustavo Garcia, Market Research Manager for South America at Cushman & Wakefield. According to him, this pricing behavior reflects the high quality of tenants. “Despite being 40% higher than the city’s average, spaces on Faria Lima remain highly sought after in the market,” states Gustavo.

Class A corporate office rentals (3Q15)

São Paulo Region Asking price (per m² per month) in 3Q15
Faria Lima R$ 160
Vila Olímpia R$ 125
Paulista R$ 121
Itaim R$ 121
Berrini R$ 103
Marginal Pinheiros R$ 91
Chácara Santo Antônio R$ 68

Source: Corporate Office MarketBeat by Cushman & Wakefield