The November 26th issue of Valor Econômico newspaper features an article highlighting the rules changes established by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commision (CVM – Comissão de Valores Mobiliár500x316ios) on how real estate funds are going to work. As reported in on the paper, the authority aims to improve administration and transparency in the segment.

The article, by journalist Ana Paula Ragazzi, also reports that the latest developments include a new calculation of management rates for these funds, which will now be standardized: if the fund is listed for trading on the stock market, fund manager payments will have to be linked to its performance.

Another change, according to Valor Econômico, is that the CVM is requiring more information about assets that make up fund portfolios. Such details are to be disclosed with consolidated contract data, (information on rental values, for instance), which favors transparency throughout the industry.