lamb engenharia1Founded in 1986, Lamb Engenharia became one of the main construction companies in Porto Alegre, with a portfolio of industrial, real estate and corporate works, besides their ongoing projects, with local and international customers. Also, the company has recently decided to invest in the real estate sector, developing a construction project for a logistics condominium.

For such challenge, they hired Cushman & Wakefield for the pre-operational advisory. “We assessed the entire operational aspect of the project while in its conception, so as to make it reliable and well valued. Among other scopes we analyzed flow of people, arrival and departure of vehicles, parking location, operation of the building as a whole, all this intended to reduce our daily costs and increase efficiency and safety”, explains Danielle Fernandes, Business Development Manager.

Besides analyzing the project concept, C&W should also take on trading, searching for tenants for the new 25,000 square-meter building, expected to be concluded in 15 months. “Everything will be measured. We are used to compare expectation versus costs, resulting in cross-benefits the customer hardly imagines possible”, concludes Danielle.