HQThe municipality of São Paulo now has another business complex, located beside Shopping SP Market, in Santo Amaro district, next to Marginal Pinheiros. This is the São Paulo Headquarters project, in which the 2nd stage of Property Management is under the Cushman & Wakefield’s administration.

Since November 2014 both towers —12-story and 17-story buildings— as well as the ground floor, with 12 shops, and the 2nd stage of the Mall Espaço República, have been managed by the team led by Stela Hirata, director of Property Management. “We have conducted all outsourcing selection for security, main entrance, reception, servicing etc.; we calculated the budget for the condominium to start its operations, with our without occupants, and we are in control of every expenses and activities of the complex”, explains Cezar Calabro, regional coordinator of operations.

This 2nd stage for the São Paulo Headquarters obtained the LEED certificate – GOLD category, granting the condominium equipment and processes to allow, for instance, power efficiency and smart water consumption. “That means our next lessees will have lower operating costs against similar-sized buildings, besides the benefits of a modern and efficient space, allowing the well-being of visitors to the complex”, concludes Calabro.