claudiaUnder the leadership of Claudia Amador, the HR Department of C&W South America is responsible for integrating the employees, emphasizing their strategical importance for the company to succeed

Accountant and graduate attorney, Claudia Amador took over the Human Resources area at Cushman & Wakefield South America one year and a couple of months ago. Coordinating a 25-member team — 12 direct and 13 indirect employees —, the executive explains that, in 2014, the focus was to look inside the house and align the structures of the area. For the new year, the major plan is to invest in training aiming to turn each member of the team into a professional increasingly strategical for creating good opportunities, for both the company and its customers. “Everyone is essential for the success of the company. Regardless of whether the professional works directly or not in the business field, everyone is important in he company, while playing indispensable role in offering our services through their daily work”, explains the director. Check out her interview below.

What the goals for the HR along 2015-2016?

The objectives are to interview and select; to train and develop; to prepare and to keep our talents, mainly our internal staff. It is crucial for our team to have members who perfectly understand our services and that remain focused on the customer, providing the best attention and consistent with the need of each of them. Everything has to be made with excellence. Our employees are our business card.

How does the HR of C&W South America operate?

Focusing on business. We hold meetings with local leaders, in which goals and figures are discussed, in order to guide them to proceed in a more strategical manner, that is, how to go ahead delivering results, how to keep a high performance team, how to cultivate our talents, how to think of new opportunities and generate new business. It is all about making the company a place in which everyone would like to work in, or start a commercial partnership with. HR’s performance is constructive and strategical, step-by-step planned, focused on the structural basis of the company – that must be continuously strengthened to grow.

What the best manner of training the employees?

Explaining the nature of the business, explaining what to do and how. It is crucial to follow the day-by-day of our employees and to live their routine. The job training model is the best, as it extends your knowledge on that role. This year we intend to get acquainted with every operation in Brazil and region, visiting projects and employees. We, as HR, want to go forward in South America by integrating everyone in a single region — our employees are key parts for developing and adding value and delivering results of the company as a whole.

The idea is to form a quite responsive HR team, right?

Yes. We must be proactive and understand all dynamics involved, so that when a situation get to us, the team is properly able to help, applying our expertise to solve the issue as best as possible for that area, for that business unit, or for those specific projects.

How is the relationship with other HR leaders of the Company?

We work in an environment full of partnership and synergy, and this is essential for our global policies, as it comes to mission, vision and values, to be strictly replicated. Some aspects are adjusted, such as the language, the manner to explain some processes or roles. There are some cases, however, in which adjustments would be deeper, such as the leadership development program, since we should not conceive of thinking leaders from different countries or regions in a similar way. This is the HR point of view that makes all the difference.