headshot_rogerio_cerretiWith exclusive and qualified team, Rogério Cerreti takes over as director of South America Valuation & Advisory

One area that has been standing out at C&W is Valuation & Advisory (V&A) Brazil. Over the last five years, its results reflect increase of services provided in the region — the amount practically doubled every year — and also revealed the opportunities to be explored. “The idea is to expand our customer portfolio, both in Brazil and abroad”, explains Rogério Cerreti, who led the strengthening of the sector, being promoted as director of V&A South America. With master degree in Architecture and Urbanism by Universidade Belas Artes, the executive is specialized in Analytical Engineeering by IBAPE-SP and post graduation in Real Estate Management by FAAP-SP. Player of C&W team since 2007, he talked about his group and the new challenges.


What is the importance of V&A at C&W?
An expert opinion reveals the real value of a property. With this information, one can make a good deal. Our area, actually, provide business opportunities for other areas inside C&W.

How V&A stands out from the competition?
We have a great team, highly qualified and engaged with the quality of our assessment. Our professionals are sorted by types of properties, that is, they are specialized in, for instance, assessing a plant and point out pros and cons for that particular building, providing a thorough opinion. I think that, for an all-purpose advisor, certain characteristics of a property could be overlooked. So, that is the importance of an advisor duly trained and specialized. My team mainly assess corporate property, such as office buildings, plants, malls and also large lands. We have also an exclusive team for property valuation for mortgage loans.

How you and your team got qualified?
We have as reference theRoyal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – RICS, an independent British organization that provides expertise for assessment and knowledge in this sector. For the second time, some of our professionals are being updated through a training certified by RICS in Brazil. Our objective is to provide advice with excellence similar to those developed in the United States and Europe.

Talk about the past five years in the area.
They were years of growth. We achieved the best score in 2013, when we assessed over 25,000 properties. I believe we will close 2014 with the same amount, despite the economical difficulties of the country. For 2015, our perspective is of growth, as we have a great market to be explored, but this depends on the economy for the next year.

As director of V&A South America, what are the next steps?
Our idea is to increase efforts, improve our customer portfolio and, therefore, continue growing. In Argentina we have a C&W advisor. In Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru, we are in the prospection phase, for experts to make part of the group, to evaluate local characteristics of each country and create opportunities. Simultaneously, our team remains focused on Brazil, our priority market.