After its merger with DTZ, Cushman & Wakefield’s Marketing and Communications work becomes even more important. The South America team is in charge of implementing new strategies and introducing the new brand to the region.

In this interview, Natália Pozzani, Head of Marketing and Communications for South America, taCW_Logo_Colorlks about the new campaign to spread awareness and consolidate the image of a new company that has become one of the largest and most comprehensive real estate services providers in the world.

During the merger, the new Cushman & Wakefield renewed its visual identity. What was the concept adopted?

The idea was to create a new identity in spite of keeping the company’s name. The concept for the new logo is to portray innovation and speed. These are fundamental pillars of our corporate mission: to overcome clients’ expectations anywhere in the world. Visually, the logo is lighter, with thinner lines and a different color.

The icon was also changed to reflect a more modern design.

What do the brand’s new looks bring to the company?

They bring unity, reinforcing the standard of quality of the services the company provides, regardless of the country where it is acting.

They reinforce our goal to make our clients know that we want to change the way people buy, work, and live.

How are you working to carry out this visual transformation here in Brazil?

We’ve already begun the process of replacing all of the most important materials bearing our brand. This includes both office supplies and the items used when communicating with clients.

For example: internally, we are replacing all of our stationery and sales material.
Externally, we’re replacing our city-wide advertising and communications material and the ID signs/displays within our premises, among other material.

How is Cushman & Wakefield Brasil reinforcing the new brand’s publicity to the outside public and to our clients?

First and foremost, in Brazil, we are focusing our promotion efforts on Google platforms, which have already proven to currently yield the most positive results.

The advertising pieces speak to this new time of and innovation, to the size the new company has reached after the merger, and to its importance in the property service market.