cushAn article recently released by DCI was highlightedthe growing presence of multipurpose projects – residential towers with stores, a building model widely valued in the 1980’s.

To illustrate this point, over the last year more than 10 similar projects were launched in São Paulo alone; besides the residential building there were officetowers or a shopping center.Cities as São José dos Campos, Santos, São Bernardo do Campo and Mogi das Cruzes are also investing in the residence-work-leisure model.

With the shortage of available land and high construction costs, mainly in major urban areas, real estate developers are betting on this type of project that has been attracting investors – who are foreseeing a future boom for each square meter.

In any case, real estate & shop owners are likely to have excellent opportunities of businesses. “This type of project aims for higher mobility.People are allowed to live, work and shop at the same place. It’s an emerging trend in the market”, concludes Raquel Miralles, General Manager of Agency Leasing at C&W.