One more building receives the LEED Certification with CW consultingAs soon as Previ – the largest pension fund in Latin America for supplementary pension of Banco do Brasil employees and associates – acquired two towers of Edifício Parque Cidade Corporate, located at Asa Sul in Brasilia (DF),  it was aware of the importance of implementation of sustainability concepts and had the support of C&W to achieve the LEED EB certification: O&M for the A-Tower – the enterprise is a condominium of commercial buildings consisting of three 12-story-towers, with the ground floor interconnecting them.

This process, started in October 2012, took eight months for performance evaluation. “Our biggest challenge was to collect all information and implement the actions with the building already in full operation”, explains Marilia Leite, Green Building Consultant at C&W.

 Among the initiatives implemented, she points out the maintenance plan for external areas; the integrated management plan for pest control, erosion and landscaping; daily measurement of water consumption of the whole building; and the policy for sustainable products purchasing, disposal of recyclable waste and also green cleaning, using less harmful products to people and nature.

 “Fixture & fittings of the buildings are efficient and provide a reduction of 31.8% as compared to conventional products”, says the consultant, and completes: “All conditioned environments were balanced so that the external air flow meet the American ASHRAE 62.1, ensuring the quality of air indoors”. It is worth noting that a rug was installed at the entrance of the building in order to reduce the rate of particulates brought from the outside.

The Green Building team also conducted a satisfaction survey with all occupants of the building and from suggestions of at least 20% of respondents, corrective actions were taken, such as temperature adjustment and ventilation improvement in most frequented areas.

And C&W work goes further. An innovation in the operation is being planed with visits to the building, to address all sustainability features implemented for the LEED certification, conducted by the local operating team that monitored the whole process.