Since last July 21st — after two years working as General Manager of C&W in Peru and Colômbia, where he lived — Jose Belfort Mattos moved to São Paulo to take another challenge: to assume Vice-Presidency of CIS Operations in C&W South America.

Graduated as engineer at USP and with MBA from the University of Southern California, USA, Belfort has acquired extensive experience in Europe, as well as in the USA and Brazil. In 2005, the executive joined Cushman & Wakefield to serve as Head for Business Development for Corporate Occupier & Investor Services (CIS) in South America.

Objectives, clients, Green Building and other subjects were some of the topics covered in an exclusive talk for the Real Estate Monitor blog of C&W Brazil. Check it out!

New position, new challenges. Which challenges can we expect for South America?
There is a group of goals we pursue regionally. Internally, our main goal is to achieve a level of profitability consistent with the expectations of our shareholders, since different factors, both external and internal, have resulted in a loss of competitiveness and local investment. Externally, our greatest challenge is to regain our leading position in the sector of A-Class corporate buildings management.

What is the key to work in a country with continental dimensions like Brazil?
In countries with a territorial area as Brazil, the only way to operate in different states and cities is through the support of qualified local staff and well-established corporate procedures. If this binomial is faulty, the progress of the operation is at risk.  

The C&W’s clients in Colombia and Peru will be kept in Brazil?
Some clients are common to several countries in the region such as Ericsson, Pfizer and Mastercard, however, each country has their specific clients. In Peru, for example, we’ve made great advances in the property management segment and we’ve recently won a major project carried out by local investors.

Along these nine years working at C&W, please highlight the most favorable points.
The first outstanding point was the consolidation and integration of the sales team within the CIS areas. This allowed us to acquire new markets and to expand the Company in South America. The second point was the consolidation of our operations in surrounding countries, increasing our chances to succeed in global competitions.

About the Green Building concept, is it noticeable the awareness of our clients on the importance of optimal use of natural resources?
Absolutely. In its initial stage, the LEED certification process was seen merely as a “marketing tool”, but currently we notice a real commitment from our investors about environmental matters. In cities as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, we clearly perceive the urge to preserve resources as water and energy.

What are the main challenges in Brazil regarding management of properties & facilities and how C&W could help?
The main challenge is leveling service and costs. Managers should, simultaneously, control increasingly complex structures and ensure low cost of occupancy for their tenants. C&W, due to its expertise, gathers all required intelligence so that this level is effectively achieved.