Dorina Nowil

Cushman & Wakefield was honored by Dorina Nowill Foundation last May 27th 2014, at Iate Clube de Santos, in the municipality of São Paulo, and acquired the “Parceiro de Visão” label (Vision Partner) by sponsoring the project “Leitura em Todos os Sentidos” (Reading in every sense), intended to provide reading access to people with visual impairment in all regions of Brazil.

The Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind is a non-refundable organization dedicated to social inclusion for children, young people and adults with visual disability. The “Leitura em Todos os Sentidos” project supports the production of 150,000 adapted books, to be distributed to public schools and libraries over the country, and also promotes a National Network for Reading Encouragement for visually impaired people.

In 2013, C&W sponsored this project through the Brazilian Rouanet Act, aimed to support the companies that sponsor projects approved by the Ministry of Culture by directing the private social investment to initiatives that can produce positive transformation in society.