Absorção líquida triplica em um ano e mercado industrial de São Paulo dá sinais de recuperação

O primeiro trimestre de 2018 trouxe boas notícias para o mercado de condomínios logísticos de São Paulo. Com grandes locações em Cajamar e no Grande ABC, a absorção líquida no período chegou a 158,4 mil m², mais do que o triplo registrado no primeiro trimestre do ano passado (50,5 mil m²) e 29% superior […]

The art of project management

For over two years leading the Project Management area at C&W, Sérgio Mendes now takes over Sustainability, adding further value to the projects run by his team.

He worked ten years in the USA, three of them — from 2007 through 2010 — involved in a quite important mission: to turn the iconic Empire State […]

Real Estate opportunities in the Northeast region for 2015

Pedro Poletto, C&W’s Northeast Region Manager, talks about this year’s local real estate opportunities.

Eluma Building, an example of functionality

After almost 20 years under C&W management, the project remains modern and commercially attractive

In 1977, at the renowned Paulista Avenue, the Eluma Building was opened. Occupying 44,000m2 with 25,000m2 built area, distributed along 24 floors, since its beginning the building had as its front neighbor the Federation of the Industries of the State of […]

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    C&W: talent development allowing good business for both the company and its clients

C&W: talent development allowing good business for both the company and its clients

Under the leadership of Claudia Amador, the HR Department of C&W South America is responsible for integrating the employees, emphasizing their strategical importance for the company to succeedAccountant and graduate attorney, Claudia Amador took over the Human Resources area at Cushman & Wakefield South America one year and a couple of months ago. Coordinating […]

Refined sense of Experience

The Property Management service is one of the most profitable and promising at C&W. Learn more Leading a 500-member team, our operations director Stela Hirata is currently in charge of 100 condominiums mostly located within 9 Brazilian capitals — Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Curitiba, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador and […]

Expert assessment

With exclusive and qualified team, Rogério Cerreti takes over as director of South America Valuation & AdvisoryOne area that has been standing out at C&W is Valuation & Advisory (V&A) Brazil. Over the last five years, its results reflect increase of services provided in the region — the amount practically doubled every year — […]

Urban operation boost real estate market in Rio de Janeiro

Named Porto Maravilha, project covers a 5 mi square meters area and is intended to thorough restructuring of the port areaThe Avenues Presidente Vargas, Rodrigues Alves, Rio Branco and Francisco Bicalho are the borders of a near future postcard of Rio de Janeiro and Latin America: the Porto Maravilha (Wonder Port). Works of the […]

“The time has come”

Facilitator of one of Brazil GRI’s discussion groups, the executive states that pessimism about real estate market is exaggerated. And he explains why. In the second half of October, C&W Brazil’s vice president held an informal meeting of Brazil GRI – Global Real Estate Institute, which took place on October 15–16, at the WTC Convention […]

Meet new C&W’s CIS Vice President Jose Belfort Mattos

Since last July 21st — after two years working as General Manager of C&W in Peru and Colômbia, where he lived — Jose Belfort Mattos moved to São Paulo to take another challenge: to assume Vice-Presidency of CIS Operations in C&W South America.Graduated as engineer at USP and with MBA from the University of […]