Bs Par

A new concept for sustainable operations has born in Fortaleza (CE) with the new BSPAR Incorporações enterprise: the BS Design condominium, located at Praça Desembargador Moreira, will be certified by LEED Core & Shell, Preoperational Advisory and Property Management, signed by Cushman & Wakefield. That means that for three years now — the foreseen period for the works — our C&W team will provide support to all sustainability, infrastructure, operational and legal aspects directly linked to the complex.

All studies — presented through reports, meetings, and/or notes issued by architects, engineers and designers — approach aspects and requirements essential to a distinctive enterprise and are based on standards, market trends and C&W expertise as well for  developers/owners in search of lessees for top level commercial areas within the main corporate markets. “So, we are able to assure high environmental/operational efficiency and comfort to the owners, always matching these advantages with low cost of condominium and promoting other rents”, says Stela Hirata, Director of Property Management.

Operational support

In summary, C&W Preoperational Advisory consists of two phases. Firstly, meetings for analysis and measures are held, with two general fronts: operational issues and legal structure, in order to evaluate since pedestrian and vehicles flow until advice for legal paperwork of the enterprise.

The second one, called Pre-Deployment, typically starts at least two or three months previously to the delivery. This is the phase for effective operational settings, in which two fronts stand out: outsourcing and AGI (General Assembly for Deployment) preparation.

And this is not the end! C&W monitors all post-construction management, focused on optimization of cash flow and property valuation, attracting potential investors. “By the end of the works and delivery of the building, C&W’s main focus is to become a BSPAR representative within the condominium”, concludes Danielle Fernandes, New Business Advisor.