Bs Par

The BS Design project – whose construction is expected to start in 2015 in Fortaleza, CE, by BSPAR Incorporações – has received a pre-certification for a Certified level from US Green Building Council – USGBC. In this preliminary phase, the customer presents all sustainable intents to be applied to both project and construction.

The projects for construction then adopt several strategies, including specifications for water saving devices; landscaping projects will use native species; outdoor paving with a high solar reflectance rate; support to alternative means of transportation, adopting bicycle parking, etc; efficient lighting design, air conditioning and glasses, reducing indoors heat load.

While in construction phase, the proposal covers waste management, avoiding landfills and promoting recycling of at least 75% of waste generated in construction activities; use of recycled materials; clean construction management and measures against pollution, among others.

“As soon as the consulting works begin, C&W will follow every step of the projects and construction, leading their professionals and carrying out inspections. The objective of this control is to ensure fulfillment of all requirements and to generate physical evidence to meet all LEED requirements. Every analysis we conduct shall contribute to validate the final certification”, explains Eliza Mauro, Green Building Consultant at C&W.