After almost three years working in this process, the C&W’s Green Building team conduces its client to conquer the highest level of the certification  

ecb dentro The EcoCommercial Building (ECB) uses more than 20 technologies for sustainable buildings based on raw materials produced by Bayer MaterialScience, Bayer’s innovative materials division. It was honored with the LEED-NC Platinum Certification of  U.S. Green Building Council which recognizes the best sustainable strategies and practices.

This pioneer project, signed by architects Roberto Loeb and Luís Capote, conquered the LEED Platinum and crowns the C&W team’s participation on this successful case since the conception. “Our work consisted of leading the process with the customer since its start, offering the best options”, explains Gustavo Donegá Marques, Sustainability Analyst, and goes on: “We also consulted with other partners for suggestions. This closeness was important for the companies to notice the increase in demand for more modern buildings. The ECB influenced in the whole civil construction chain”.

According to the analyst, three points of this green initiative deserve closer attention. Firstly, this is the perfect union between architectural design and the environment, by including the trees, resulting in good shading for the place. “This provided total comfort for the users, as environmental conditions are quite pleasant. So much so that there is no air conditioning in the great hall, which is a multipurpose space”, says Gustavo.

The second benefit lays on water saving, through a reuse system that collects water froECBm the roof and floor, totally permeable. The water is filtered for solid particles and is used in the garden, in the water mirror and for flushing. “It is something pretty easy to be implemented”, points out the analyst.

And the third point is the use of photo-voltaic panels to provide energy for ECB, which, since its opening, presents surplus of power. “This surplus is transferred to the administrative building of Bayer”, says Gustavo, and proceeds: “Despite the small size of the project, its importance is enormous. And this certification endorses its extent”.